Annual Christmas Cat Cards

Christmas 2009

Every Christmas I make a card featuring my cats. I suppose that makes me a crazy cat lady, but people seem to like them, especially children, and they are the catalyst for my idea of  illustrating a children's book. I spend time every November sketching the cats and thinking of a scenario based on the sketches. As they get older, they get less active. Seeing all the cards together on this blog, I've noticed that there are quite a few "cats-looking-out-the-window cards"; it truly is how they spend most of the winter season! I hang the cards on my tree as ornaments every year. I love looking back and remembering where I was and what I was doing at the time that I made them.

Christmas 2008
 Boris (old and fat) and Chester (young, loud and orange). Chester was new to our family at the time of this card and he was just a kitten. I love, by 2009, how he is starting to compete with Boris in size.

Christmas 2006
(What happened to my card from 2007?) This is Eleanor. She was a Taiwanese street fighter stray that made her way back to Canada with me when I returned from teaching English. She passed away shortly after I moved into my new house. I think the stress of having so many homes was too much for her.

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2004

Christmas 2003

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