The problem of social networking

Blogs. facebook. Artist forums. Twitter. Online Communities. Web profiles. Websites. Cyber portfolios.

For someone whose greatest computer achievment up to this point was Oregon Trail on an Apple desktop in her elementray school library (remember the green screen?), I am finding all this social networking stuff pretty overwhelming. Apparently, Pharell the hip-hop mogul guy has started a web community for visual artists ( I was pretty sure up to this point he was mainly recognized as Justin Timberlake's co-rapper guy, but he must have visual art credentials to be able to do this right? Or maybe not. Maybe that is the problem with this craze towards web-based self-marketing. What becomes of quality work or critical discourse or the expert? Artfox is another visual artists community/ portfolio-sharing site. A friend works there. I wonder what he thinks of Pharell's project and how they compare to each other...

 Of course, I have this blog, now, so I really am just feeding the machine. I struggle with that. Sometimes it feels really self-indulgent to do this, but I am finding that it is helping me organize my thoughts which in turn is helping me figure out this transition I am in right now. And that is the main reason I started this blog, so I could be more conscious of my creative process. I am learning what it means to make art most of the time, instead of in my spare time.

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