The Power of Self is holding a competition called "The Power of Self" where visual artists can submit up to ten images on the topic of the self-portrait. Overall, a really cool call for submissions with a great prize. So I thought, why not? and I entered. Although my current work is based on a personal experience or a memory of mine, I'd say it is a pretty big stretch to call it self-portraiture. However ten years ago, for a long time all I did was self-portrait work. In truth, it was probably among the most interesting and fresh work I've ever made and it became a jumping off point for some really motivated paintings like Bed and Sunday Morning Phone Call (which are on my website I was a student and was living off a scholarship and summer waitressing jobs, so funds for materials were pretty limited.  Thus, they are all small enough to be hand-held and are a combination off polaroid photographs (sniff!--RIP polaroid!) and found materials such as wall paper, cloth, sandpaper, vellum, sewing patterns etc..etc.. I made almost a collage a day for nearly two years.

 Here is just a sample of some of the hundreds I made; these are what I submitted to the competition. At the time, I was struggling with some pretty major things and I think, in a way, making these saved me.

PS. You can rate my portfolio and maybe help me win the People's Choice Award at:

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