words for 2010

My very wise and talented friend had this to say about painting and I think it is a good reminder for me as I start a new year:

"The best tip I have is to just keep at it and don't judge - the gift of times like you are in is that you can more easily let go of your conscious demands and controls and see what comes out next - painting is after all a process of discovery and intuition and we often do our best to limit that..... Try anything that crosses - or doesn't - your mind! Start as many as you want and go back and forth between them. But remember to listen to the painting as it must dictate it's own terms. Not the prevailing wisdom of the conceptual (small c) art approach but I still believe it is about the mystery and magic of life. And spend time looking and absorbing as well as being actively painting. But paint from your heart."

Thanks, BB!

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