A Few Spare Hours

There is nothing like finding yourself with a few spare hours, especially after you have done some hard work  and feel you deserve the reward of doing nothing. My doing nothing almost always involves fashion, design or food. Here are a few of my favorite spare-time-takers, right now:

(Went this afternoon with my fun neighbour friends and bought two lovely prints, a bird and a hare, and a vintage Coro pin for the rock bottom price of $40 total)
(His photos are always inspiring, for the image, the location and the fashion, but I particularly loved this pic as it validated my most recent purchase of a grey pair of men's-style oxford shoes, which I am now tempted to wear with baggy trousers worn rolled up...)


I read once in The Artist's Way that creativity comes in all forms. Spending a couple of hours in a flea market or a fabric store, making a new meal for my man, sewing some baby clothes for a friend or visiting blogs and websites; some days these things feed me as much as making art can.  Hope you find some inspiration here too.

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Colleen Leonard Photography said...

you should check out garance doré's blog, she's the sartorialist's girlfriend and really creative...sidenote, I ate lunch beside them once in Paris!

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