Most Recent: "Self-Portrait with Bicycle"

I enjoy doing portraits, even self-portraits. This painting was a long time coming. I had it in the back of my mind for years and just got to it now when that aspen painting was making me crazy. Sometimes taking a break by going back to what you know is a good thing. I was also motivated by the self-portrait as a subject having entered the contest at

I like how the bike almost becomes a figure in the painting. I also love the overall cool tones except for the skin which is warm in contrast. The play of light is also fun. I left the gesso showing for most of the bright whites. Obviously this is a summer scenario so the light would be warm; not as cool as the gesso. But it was an image taken in Edmonton which is cooler Northern light and also the source photo does fun things to the light which could make it look cold. So-far I think the bright white works. What isn't working is is the stripey arms and cheeks, but that is for another day.

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