Native Chiefs in Drag

Kent Monkman, Si je t’aime prends garde à toi (Study for Icon for a New Empire),
acrylic on canvas

It is a pretty interesting time right now in Calgary, at least for the art community. The Glenbow Museum is stepping outside the box and showing Kent Monkman and his incredible paintings (he also does photography and installation) some of which are of his alter ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle. These paintings are very multi-dimensional; full of layered meaning some aspects of which I am not sure the Glenbow has ever explored in its previous shows. It is sure to be a controversial show in Calgary--that is if anyone outside the art community goes to see it.
Brian Jungen, Prototype for New Understanding, #23,
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I have mentioned my love for Brian Jungen's work on this blog before.

I feel like First Nations artists are making some of the most interesting and relevant contemporary Canadian art right now. It feels very timely, especially in light of the Olympic games where all eyes are going to be on our arts, culture and heritage.

I was able to meet the artist last night at his opening at Trepanier Baer gallery and he was gracious and humble and so interesting. I had to ask him about his choice to use acrylic paint over oil paint especially when he is directly refrencing historical paintings. His answer? It is easier! I love that! I sometimes think about switching to acrylic too for the ease and the quick drying time. I feel like I would  probably get more work done if I wasn't waiting so long in between layers. He also recommended I pick up Delecroix's journals, so I am off to do search the web for that...

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