New Project and Shout Out

First a shout out to the Glenbow Museum for mentioning my blog post on Kent Monkman in their internal email to staff regarding "media" coverage of his show. If you haven't seen the show yet, and that gorgeous sparkly tipi, you better get down there!

I am in the beginning stages of starting a new project; planning to do a series of paintings, I think in a square format (maybe 24x24), of children with their birthday cakes. I am especially interested in vintage color images and am really looking for those that are random snapshots rather than posed portraits. (sadly, vintage now means photos of my peer group when we were young! ack!) I put a call out to people via my Facebook page and there has been a great response from friends far and wide. Here are the first two I recieved from some long ago school friends:

Do you have any to share?

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