New Work

Calgary Stampede, 24x 36, oil on board

This is the first of a new series I want to start: based on images of places I have been and taken photos of on my cell phone. The quality of a cell phone camera is so bad (especially mine, which is probably from 1994) that it creates really interesting abstracted patterns with the light. Then when I print them as photographs after uploading them, the quality gets even worse as the image becomes farther removed from the original source. I went to a University which was founded during the reign of Abstract Expressionism and I sometimes wonder, even though I make representational work, if that didn't influence my love for this type of ambiguous color and pattern. I enjoyed painting on board; the brush strokes can be really smooth this way. The board did absorb a lot of the oil paint, so note to self, more gesso next time.

I am going to donate it to The Road Foundation fundraiser in support of good friends of ours with a special needs child. I chose to do this piece because their son loves bright colour and pattern and I just felt that he would really like it. I hope someone at the silent art auction likes it enough to spend lots on it for this great cause!

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