Art and Design All the Time: Our Bedroom Project

I love design. I even went to interior design school only to realize that my Saturday mornings are too precious to me to spend them looking at carpet samples with clients. I also thought that I may never paint again if it became my career. My friends who graduated are incredible at what they do, but are also incredibly busy. I still have the bug and read way too many design magazines and blogs. I am not sure how exactly, but I feel like my love for interior design helps my paintings and vice versa.

I live in a small, 650 square foot, 1912 bungalow with the cats and a very handy guy who, by coincidence ?!, owns a renovations company. He patiently puts up with all my crazy ideas; this last project he has been really saintly about. I re-upholstered the headboard in an English floral pattern. That led to a re-painting and re-design of the whole room. Of course, being a part-time artist means my budget is seriously limited, so I am quite impressed with the results, on a shoestring. It definitley would not have been possible without him. He hung the closet doors and the pendant light (which is silk and I got it at a sidewalk sale for $40!!!)

Also, the fabric story is thanks to Kalla Design who I discovered on Etsy. I love the idea of having something handmade and original. Those three cushions and bed runner bring me much joy. This room is also the only room with my own paintings in it: one of my dearly departed cat Eleanor and the other of some trees which I did using the leftover paint from the bedroom walls. Not archival, but I'm sure the National Gallery isn't buying it anytime soon.

I know this home isn't our forever home, but pretty-ing it up, even for the short term, makes such a difference in my mood. It is really nice to wake up in such a crisp, clean space.

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