New Work: Teapots Half Finished

A little glimpse into my studio,the teapot painting that I had blogged about here is about half done. I think I have the colors established (this is a commision and the client wanted the purple color specifically) now I just have to establish a relationship between them all. Some surfaces are reflective and will absorb colors from the pot next to it which should connect them visually. At the last minute, before I took the photo, I added the darkness on the left of the purple tea pot, but should have balanced it out on the right because now it looks like it is about to fall over! It is very helpful to post progress pictures on the blog because the errors reveal themselves instantly. Also, especially in comparison to the source photo, the rust colored teapot needs to expand into the blue and white vessel on the left which will help make it look more circular and less than a football! Of course, all the white areas are the gesso primer and will be addressed so they aren't so gleaming. I am happy with the grey/green surface and happy that I didn't re-create the tile pattern--for now. Well, back to work to fix those issues! Have a great weekend!

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