Photographing the Living Skies in Saskatchewan

We have just returned from our annual Easter trip to Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. It is the most relaxing thing I do all year. Nothing to do in this little town but eat, nap and read. We did do a 1/2 day trip to Thompson Lake which was wonderful. Still frozen; the colors were gorgeous. Adam's mom, who lives there with her husband, is an incredible photographer and she and I spent some time taking photos. I am still learning to work with my camera, a Canon Rebel XSi . Before I received it for my 30th birthday, I was still using film and my good old Canon AE1. After so many places stopped processing film, I realized the time for digital was now. And I do love my new camera even though the learning curve is steep. To make up for it though, at the Gravelbourg thrift store, I bought an old Diana camera, made in Hong Kong in the 1960's and sold for a dollar a piece. It was discontinued in the 1970's after being declared a failure. It takes fantastic soft grainy pictures and you can buy the new re-released versions on Amazon. I haven't figured out if my thrift store original even works, but for $12, I couldn't pass it up!

Anyway, these are some images that I have taken in Gravelbourg, experimenting with my new fancy camera and trying to capture that gorgeous light:

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