I am slightly blog-obsessed. I think it is because I don't watch TV that much so magazines and websites and blogs take the place of that. It is a simple way for me to transport myself away from real life and be inspired. A while back, I posted about some of my faves here and thought I would add a few more for your reading and viewing pleasure. You're welcome:

Apartment Therapy
(A new book is out!!!  The older one from 2006 is also awesome Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure )
(This is the blog of my friend and her sister. My friend is one of the geniuses behind Nokomis, a great clothing boutique in Edmonton, Alberta)
The Violet Hours
Garance Dore
(This is the Sartorialist's girlfriend a very stylish person in her own right)
Colleen Leonard Photography
(Born in Saskatchewan and now living in France, Colleen's photography is stunning. She has a gorgeous way of capturing light.)
Melanie Watt
(One of my most favorite children's authors/illustrators at the moment. Her career is an inspiration. Check out my family's favorite Watt character, Chester. Although Chester would argue that point--he and Melanie don't always get along...)

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