Teapots 50% Compared to 75%

Well, it is going better, but I find I am getting too picky. I always tell my art students to stand back and make big gestures. Time for me to take my own advice. I am happy with the blue and white bowl and pitcher and that I was able to sketch the purple tea pot in to make it feel more grounded and not tipping.  (The second picture seems a bit dark. I haven't quite mastered the art of my Canon yet...) Anyway, seeing them side by side like this is very helpful.  Monet did quite a few Chinese porcelain paintings and his early still life pieces are very loose and more textural.  I have turned the painting upside down. This helps it look less like objects and more like color and forms. I am going to plug myself into my i-pod and shut out the world until I feel like it is fresh and vibrant and loose. The clients are casual relaxed people so this should reflect them... Here I go!                     

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