I Heart David Hockney

If you know me, it is no secret that I love the artist David Hockney. From his sensitive pencil drawings of the people that he loves (esp. the 1970's ones of Peter sleeping or of his mother) to his innovative photo collages that play with perspective, to his research on art history, to his candid writing about his own processes, to his huge acrylic paintings which (particlularly the ones at the LACMA) hold deep meaning for me... Hockney can do no wrong in my eyes! He has no apologies for depicting the ordinary aspects of the life that he lives, as if to say "this is most important"... and it is.

Latley, two of his pieces have been particulalrly meaningful as I realize just how much he has influenced me:

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy
David Hockney

My Parents
David Hockney

And my own work, which when viewed alongside these, seems to make so much more sense to me now...

Peter and Rachael


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