I Love My Sketchbooks...

Check out  art house co-op. What an amazing organization bringing people together with various art projects like The Sketchbook Project. I signed up right away. I mean, why not? I always keep a sketchbook anyway. For 25$ they send you a Moleskine Sketch-Book Large, Hard Red for Art (Moleskine Legendary Notebooks)and you fill it up and send it back. Each book will be given a barcode so they can catalog it into The Brooklyn Art Library system. Once they catalog it, artists will be able to track where on the tour their book is viewed and how many times someone pulled it from the shelf. The project is going to travel to cities in the USA where some of my most favorite people live and I love the idea that they can check it out. For an extra $20 they will digitize it for you and it live on in their web library too. How cool is that? You never know what inspiration can come from me doing this and it is such an awesome way to encourage everyday creativity. The best part is that you can choose from a variety of topics to theme your sketchbook (ie: Inside/Outside or Face in the Crowd) or let them choose a theme for you. I am letting them choose in the hopes that it sparks something new in me.

And on that note, I am feeling motivated by Dan Gregory and his book Everyday Matters. What a sketchbook that is!

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