In Memory of Gram

My grandmother recently passed away at the age of 91 after having lived an incredible life. Born in India during the British occupation, she ended up in Canada living a varied and fascinating life. As a young farm wife she homesteaded on the prairies and later wrote her book about it, The Paltry Pioneers. After the death of her husband, Fred, she found herself alone as a single mother of nine children (including twins!) and so became a university student. With her education degree, my grandmother supported herself and her family by teaching Junior High English Lit and throughout it all was an accomplished artist, craft woman, theologian and singer. She learned email in her eighties so she could communicate with her grandchildren who are scattered all over North America. In typical Gram fashion, she left clear instructions regarding her funeral proceedings and after donating her body to science asked that no black be worn at her memorial service. She wrote her own obituary and left a note, asking us to "fill in the blanks" after her death! She requested my cousin, a professional singer, perform "My Way" by Frank Sinatra and so that is how she will be leaving us--her way, as usual.

               In honour of her, I did this little watercolor painting in the rose gardens of Paris and it will be used on the program for her memorial service.

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