Paris Je T'Aime, Part Deux

Everything is better in France. Honestly.

The colors and textures there were outstanding. I also spent a crazy amount of time in art galleries looking at the way it is supposed to be done. Renoir paints so softly, Monet so bravely, Van Gogh so intently and Talouse-Latrec so harshly. But my favorite has been and always will be Matisse. The colors and patterns and the drawings within the paintings. His marks were loose and bold and he wouldn't hesitate to leave things unfinished and re-work and re-work until, who knows why, but he would stop and it would be done. Oh and the Degas pastels!! I never tire of those. Or the Cezanne still lifes. All of these in one museum! And then there was the Louvre, but that is for another post.

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