5 Things I Appreciate About Today: October 24, 2010 Edition

1. Amazing friends. Like those who keep their eyes peeled for amazing vintage purchases and buy them knowing they would be perfect for me, those who call just to check in, those who make me gluten-free chocolate cake and bring it to the bar for my birthday and those that let me know they are thinking of me even when we can't see each other face-to-face (but oh how I wish we could!)
2. Getting to hear one of my heros speak tonight.
3. Foggy walks through the dog park with a borrowed dog (and the friend who comes with her)
4. Four hours of un-interrupted painting time in the residency space.
5. Total calm after a year of chaos.

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Colleen Leonard Photography said...

oh wow! All that sounds wonderful, but Jane Goodall is one of my heros too! Enjoy! I would love to be in your shoes!

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