Five Things I am Grateful For: November 20 Special Demo Day Edition

So we survived demo!

Five Things I am Grateful for Today:

1. Three cheers for my amazing Dad who drove on the highway for hours in a blizzard to get here and work solid for three days.
2. Three cheers for my work that gave me the time off to help Dad.
3. My amazing, amazing Calgary friends who have arrived bringing a helping hand, fresh croissants and coffee and love and laughs.
4. Old friends. The kind you have known for 18 years who remind you of when you were a geeky thirteen year old working at Orange Julius and sneaking out through your bedroom window.
5. The person that invented the microwave.

Boris and Chester help me pack up the kitchen

Dad and my friend Tyler rip out the bathroom window (nice weather for removing windows!)

Dad demos.
I was hoping to expose the brick chimney until we discovered the hidden junction box...

How cute is Dad?!

An old friend from junior high, on his way to Ghana, has a layover in Calgary.
So I put him to work!

The house was built with spikes and fir beams. No wonder it is almost 100 and hasn't fallen down!

Boris supervises the demo of the bathroom.
Like I thought, it was a disgusting mouldy mess requiring ventilators.
I bleached it to death.

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