Post-Electrician Mayhem

Yesterday Calgary was the second coldest place in the world (Antartica beat us) and my incredible electricians still came to work. As a result, things are pretty dusty and dark around here. I am choosing to look at it as luxury camping rather than living in a disaster area. So I am eating trail mix for dinner and reading by flashlight and washing my dishes in the basement bathroom sink. And blogging, of course. I have discovered that renovations are like most things in life (including making paintings): they usually get bad before they get good.

This is what has become of my living room.
Nice makeshift kitchen next to the mantel accented by a luxe plastic tarp covering the hardwood and powered by state of the art extension cords.

Goodbye weird pantry wall. And look! Pipes in the wall instead of in the middle of the floor!

Electricians need to cut your walls apart a lot.

My bathroom will soon be almost entirely pink. This is a paintable membrane that turns to rubber-ey, plastic-ey stuff and resists mould.  My wonderful friend Jeff also used an entire tube of silicone to get into all the nooks and crannies.
I'm not taking any chances with mould!

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