Kitchen Complete!

You might remember the before from a previous post...

With the wall that we removed...

And the blue vinyl peeling floor...
Ta-Da! Merry Christmas to Me!

Really happy with the IKEA cabinets.

A dishwasher!! This is where that wall was. What a huge difference with it gone!

Dad and I laid bamboo floor.

A home for my mixer and a built-in wine rack! Granite counters

Vintage dining set courtesy of Kijiji

My sleuth-ey friend found 20 vintage chrome and bakelite handles and the cannisters are mom's from the 70's


Shawna said...

Wow!!! What an improvement! It's gorgeous. It's all worth it just to have a dishwasher. Now we have to find something else to complain about because the kitchens are no longer an issue!

Linda said...

Wow, this is so beautiful. You have made excellent choices - it looks so great! I will let you sip in my new kitchen on one condition - that I get to sip in your's very soon! Love you and miss you - you are awesome girl!

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