New Year New Resolve

And so it is 2011... I like making resolutions. I feel like self reflection is healthy and I like to imagine myself doing bigger and brighter things. Why not declare them publicly (even though no one really reads this thing)? Maybe the chances of my being accountable might increase if i think someone out there is watching? Lol...Here goes nothing...

1. To stand up for what I need more often and to be vocal about what I'm feeling.
2. To not be totally stunned silent if someone asks me on a date and instead of saying "what?!" instead say "sure, I would love to". Thereby, hopefully increasing the chance of them actually calling! Ha ha!
3. To complete some of the half-started projects in my studio (Taiwan photo album= seven years old!) and
4. To start some of the ones in my mind, including the children's book I want to write.

Ok 2011, did you get that? I'm ready!

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Elsaby Johnstone said...

I'm gonna get in line to be the first to buy your children's book :o)

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