Owls Are Creepy--But Natalie Likes Them

As a congratulations on her new job and Merry Christmas gift, I made this tea cozy for my friend Natalie who is a big fan of these feathered animals with big eyes and 360 degree heads. I find owls terrifying.I think it is because they are so majestic and all-knowing and spiritual. We fear what we don't know and understand right? Owls are just beyond me. They have shown up in every nightmare I have had since I was a child. Don't even get me started on the Harry Potter movies!
They are a strange thing to be phobic of, especially now a days when owls and all things aviary are so damn trendy. Anyway, I suppose in its own 1970's, retro, tacky, Amy-Sedaris-craft way, it is kind-of cute. And it keeps your tea warm. More to the point, Natalie appreciated my hand knit efforts and I appreciate her.

I purchased the pattern from this Etsy.com Seller and made it from extra yarn I had laying about

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That is gorgeous!:)

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