Back. In Style

I can't believe that it has been two months since posting.

 Finally my 7 year old laptop, which incidentally was almost the size of a desktop, finally died. After lots of bartering with the devil on my shoulder and the VISA Gods, I went out and bought the MacBook Air. And oh how I love it! I feel so hip and cool and 21st century. And it has all the modern gadgets like a web cam and built in speakers! I feel very fancy! However, this recent purchase has sparked this burning desire inside of me to splurge on things I normally wouldn't allow myself to buy. So I have also recently purchased soft, cotton harem pants in the most beautiful shade of pink and stiletto, sandals in a faux snakeskin that are the exact color of my skin. Oh and my nemesis--European lingerie which I have to buy online because they don't have a great selection here on the prairies. I suppose as an artist, I have an eye for the finer things?

The peach pants and the new sandals

But now, the VISA is in a cup of frozen water in my freezer. An old family trick to save us from ourselves! Time to get to making more paintings and more importantly, selling them! Happy spring everyone!

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