Hip Hop Hurray

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is always doing amazing programming (in fact I have a membership just to stay in the loop), but right now they are doing a series that is totally up my alley: combining music with visual arts in their series Looking at Music 3.0. I am fortunate to work as an arts educator  in Calgary where we are embarking on a massive project. Cantos Music Foundation is building the only national museum west of Winnipeg and the only music museum in Canada that will tell a national music story in a cohesive and comprehensive way.The National Music Centre will be an amazing space for the Canadian music community and for music lovers in our city and country.  I believe, though, that it will also unite artists from all disciplines who recognize the intrinsic connection between music and other art forms. In so many cases, you can't have one without the other. 

Rendering for National Music Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I have the awesome responsibility of  designing education programs for our current space and the future NMC. Amazingly, part of my job is to keep up with education programming at other museums. Arts-integration and inter-disciplinary practices really appeal to the museum nerd in me and so I was drawn to this MOMA blog post by Bill Adler on the fusion of hip hop, visual art, fashion, film and dance. There are so many instances where one art form cannot be separated from another and hip hop is an awesome example of that. I love the possibility of exploring the connections between artists of different disciplines and engaging audience in making those connections. Sometimes the art world can get cliche-y and segregated, but if we take a step back and examine the root of what we're all doing, it is truly interesting to see how related most creative practice is and how similarly artist's of different disciplines think, work and can collaborate.

Who knew Chuck D was also a graphic designer? Awesome.

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