Be Still My Heart...

This seven year online project, Learning to Love You More,  is everything I adore about art and audience and the power of the internet and museums and the goodness and honesty inherent in people--- all wrapped up in one. (I wonder if Nina Simon knows about it? I am sure she does because she is a genius.)

Two artists, Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, created a web forum where they gave out creative assignments to the general public which were then archived on the site. Like:

Assignment #55: Photograph a significant outfit

"This is what I was wearing when I saw her for the first time in over a month."


Or Assignment #70: Say Goodbye

Goodbye messages saved from last summer.
Goodbye jazz.
Goodbye Lana.
Goodbye slow-dancing.
Goodbye evidence.
Goodbye cabin.
Goodbye "You Can't Take That Away From Me" (only the Louise Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald version).
Goodbye sleeping on the front lawn.
Goodbye huge, crazy, unfinished house. 
Goodbye pretending.
Goodbye blue bicycle. 
Goodbye Allen.
Goodbye despair.
Goodbye darkness.
Goodbye winter.

Denver, Colorado USA 

Learning to Love You More is now a book and the SFMOMA smartly bought the website because they are also geniuses. Progressive-thinking, museum geniuses.

Someone buy the book for me for my birthday, OK?
Sigh. I'm in love.
Jaron Eldon 
Murrieta, Texas USA 

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