Kate and Wills and One Dreamy Royal Wedding

Sickeningly cute--but I love it!

I have a few American friends and since all the hub-bub of the Royal Wedding began they have been asking me--what's the big deal?! Living in a Commonwealth country like Canada, having a grandmother who was very Anglican and a fan of the Royals and growing up during the 1980's Princess Diana-mania makes me a reluctant fan.  The Royals are like a car accident : I want to turn away, but just can't. So I was one of those three billion people worldwide who watched yesterday's wedding and here are my thoughts:

1. All those hats and headpieces! I have always loved hats but have a giant head and tonnes of hair so they rarely fit. I buy them anyway from vintage stores. I especially love the fascinators... I hope formal fashion makes a comeback. I am so sick of seeing people in jeans at the theatre!

2. Alexander McQueen!!!!!!!! Three cheers for Sarah Burton. Love the lace sleeves and loved Pipa's dress. I don't think she up-staged anyone at all and I have always loved an all white wedding. I think it's classic. And a cowl neck on a bridesmaid dress with cap sleeves? Love! Love! Sarah Burton can do no wrong in my eyes. My friend from the Southern United States thinks the white maid-of-honour dress is a huge faux pas. She is totally appalled and opposed. We've decided to agree to disagree.

3. Becks and James Middleton---swoon!  Becks' hair was exactly what man hair at formal occasions should be. No wonder he didn't put that ridiculous top hat on! That hair was too amazing to mess with. And James looked classy and classic.

Perfect man hair. And, despite what the press says about her hat, Posh is a Goddess.

They say he is gay...either way, most eligible bachelor in Britain. Sorry Harry!
4. The carriage ride and the balcony kiss--mixed feelings about this one. It was pretty Disney-esque and the kiss was so lack luster and quick that it was disappointing (plus, having to do it with your whole family looking over your shoulder on that tiny balcony....), but there was something so Princess of the bride about it that I loved. Not for my own wedding, but for a Royal Wedding, don't we all expect horse drawn carriages and balconies?

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