My Summer Vacation: The Contest

What are your summer memories? Were they photographed? 

Summer is just around the corner and thoughts naturally turn to long days of killing time at the corner store playing Pac Man, drinking slurpees with your bike and your dog by your side, kissing on the dock, drinking by the fire... Whatever your memories are, I need your help!

It's easy:

2. Post a scanned, vintage, colour photo from your own family album*
3. Tell me the story behind the photo in the "comments" section

Your photo could become a subject for an original oil painting by me. All the paintings in the Summer Vacation series will also be made into a limited edition series of postcards. 

Here's the best part:

If I choose your photo for the project, you'll win a set of the postcards featuring the entire series of paintings, including yours. (Perfect for sending those "I wish you were here..." messages this July). 

Deadline to submit is May 31, 2011, so call your Mom and find out where she keeps the albums!

* Don't worry! They don't have to be good quality. In fact, I love faded, blurry, out of focus, awkward, funny, person-half-out-of-the-frame, shadow in the wrong spot, dog-running-by snapshots--- and they don't even have to have people in them. Check out the inspiration images in this blog post. You get the drift.

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