Old-Fashioned, Vintage Friendships

My blog is back with a brand new look and name! Hope you like it! Extra special thanks to Kait Honey over at Yuppie Love who made it so beautiful. Kait and I are co-hosting one of her Will You Be My Pal parties at my house this Friday. Designed to get creative types together around a common theme, my kitchen is going to be the setting for a bunch of ladies who have never met to celebrate all things vintage!  Will You Be My Pal was just featured in an article in Unlimited magazine and the term "slow networking" was coined. Love it!  Yeah, it is nice to "meet" like-minded "friends" through Facebook and Twitter, but real friendships develop over real time in real life. Looking forward to this Friday and spending some face time with some old friends and some soon-to-be friends.

On that note, I think I will make a retro recipe from my grandma's cookbooks. Maybe these....

And, if you love vintage clothes like I do, you might be interested in my clothes for sale in my Etsy Shop. I am doing some fall cleaning of my closet in an attempt to pay off the kitchen renos...My loss is your gain! 

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