Gnome Sweet Gnome

 D's best friend went away over Thanksgiving and asked him to house sit. He and I went to water the plants and lo and behold, 3 little gnomes in the front garden called out to me. Despite D's protests of wanting nothing to do with it, I, of course, stole them. I am certainly not the first to free a gnome and not the first to feel the sense of injustice over their garden enslavement, but if you have never done it, I totally recommend it. It was a blast and the gnomes certainly enjoyed their six weeks of freedom, travelling all over North America with my colleagues!

Some time spent with Chester

Golfing in Palm Springs

NYC subway

California desert highway


Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

Each photo was printed and sent in a brown envelope with a typed address label from my office. Alas, after two months or so, my plan was foiled by our helpful receptionist who instinctively puts return address stickers on all the mail she sees. She was in on the scheme, as was my whole office, but in the Christmas mail rush, she simply forgot. The gnomes then declared that they weren't returning to that garden without proper outerwear. Garden gnomes in Canada have different requirements than those from warmer climates, obviously. We bartered and negotiated and the gnomes were returned, wrapped up in a Christmas box, with three, tiny new improvements:


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