New Work: Second & Third Summer Vacation Winner

I worked on these pieces together because the palette was similar and so was the sentiment. When my friend submitted this amazing photo of her smartly dressed family in the seventies (prior to her birth even!) I was attracted to the way that they were so similar in stance and mannerisms and so obviously a tight knit family. Then while working on the piece, I found out that my friend's father passed away and now the painting is even more meaningful in memorandum. What a great dad he must've been--and dapper too! 

The second piece is from our family album, also in memorandum--- to my grandma. My Dad's mom, who I remember just like that in her striped camping tank top, stepping out of their motorhome with a freezie for one of us grandkids. She wasn't as adventurous as her husband and preferred the safety of her kitchen but I think the motorhome was a happy medium for them both. It wasn't quite as comfy as their house, but, anywhere grandma was felt like home to me.

So in honour of Mr Heinrichs and my grandma...these are the second and third Summer Vacation contest winners.

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