The Comfort in Comfort Food

Here's the thing I love about new relationships: you get to re-discover parts of yourself that somehow went missing. I have always loved to cook and have often fed my creative process by being in the kitchen. New restaurants were an exciting adventure and farmer's markets were gorgeous inspirations. I even went through a period (which hasn't quite ended) of painting food. 

But then, my long-term relationship had a crash and burn ending that wilted me. That same year, my two beloved grandmothers passed away within months of each other and two friends, a gorgeous and happy couple, were killed in a mountain car crash. My creativity went with them and I felt numb. Too emotionally exhausted to do anything except worry about putting on socks and making it to work and back everyday; I ate popcorn for dinner too often. But here I am. Out of the darkness. As one of my yoga teachers says : "The pain is there, but the suffering is optional."  

I have met someone who has unexpectedly turned out to be this healing force in my life. And he loves to cook! He makes me these incredible meals that nourish my heart and my belly and in return, I cook for him too. And we share time together in the kitchen. He honours my dietary challenges (vegetarian, gluten adverse) and I honour his (lactose intolerant) These days there are more happy hours than sad ones and I am back in the studio creating and remembering what it is like to be myself again. 

And so in honour of the comfort in food, behold some of our culinary adventures over the past seven months....

Sun tea on my porch

We picked raspberries at his mom's

Second or third date he makes me this: Rhubarb crisp. swoon.

Fish tacos and yam fries

I made a dairy and gluten free pie and we took it home to my parents for Thanksgiving

We climbed Castle mountain for the Huckleberry festival.
 He made beer. I made pie.

Finally had dinner with the friend who introduced us and we made his wife gluten-free dumplings.
She almost cried. 

In honour of my grandma, the new neighbours benefited from her famous gingersnap recipe. Yes, I am that girl on the street. The one with the basket of cookies and advice for where to go for coffee.

One of my best days recently was a sleepover with a friend and her family, where I learned all about making "Toad in the Hole" aka: their version of french toast. Then I came home and made my version-- with hearts. Awwwwwwwwww!!

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I'm sorry, does this mean you have *the* ginger cookie recipe now?

Lise xo :)

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