Good Karma for Me: Happiness for Birds

Beautiful green cones. What is this tree?

In June I got to visit some of my favourite people in one of my favourite places when I went to my cousin's wedding in Oakland, California. A friend and I did a wonderful, although unseasonably rainy, wine tour in Napa and Sonoma and on that journey I discovered this gorgeous tree. Although it is some type of conifer to be sure, I hadn't ever seen one like it and loved it's bright green cones. So I took one. From the ground. It was private property (Francis Ford Coppola's, actually) so that is OK right? It's not like it was a National Park or anything...Anyway, it dried out over time and today, I decided to reverse my bad karma by giving it back to the earth.

Tie some twine on top before covering in suet

Remember back in kindergarden making these? I actually used to teach kindergarden so the memory is fresher than ever. A little peanut butter, a little leftover bacon fat from D's breakfast and a roll in some bird seed. Voila! A suet bird feeder to hang in my tree. Natural, recycled, great for our poor feathered friends who have to navigate this January blizzard and most importantly, good karma. Thanks pinecone!

Hang in your tree and wait for hungry birds to arrive!

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