Six Days of Love-Valentines DIY

We're not extravagant spenders, don't have much budget and time is so precious these days, so for us going out this Feb 14 was, well, out. But I LOVE holidays. Love them. I love thinking of the perfect gift and imagining the person's face when they open it and I love to create, of course. So because D is in exams all week, I decided to make him Six days of Love.  I knew I wouldn't get to see him until Friday (although I have already been lucky enough to see him twice this week and its only Tuesday--the best gift of all, really) and so I wanted him to have something to look forward to each day of this hard week. There can be so many variations on this, but the key is some really cheesy valentines puns, pocket change to buy dime store candy and toys and a fun vessel to store everything in.  I used coffee bags inside a red gift box, but I think a weekly pill box would be fun or the plastic sleeves for photos or cloth drawstring bags or.... the ideas are endless. I so look forward to having kids so I can use their lunch kits for this!

"Heart Melting, Sweet Valentine" (chocolate foil heart and a roll of sweet tarts)

Every day this week D has had a little surprise to open. The bag has the date on it. I used letra-press letters I had kicking around in the studio. Remember those? Fun to scratch them on, one-by-one. The silly pun, hanging in the plastic window, hints at what is inside the bag. And because D is not the type to collect knick knacks or spend money on things that aren't purposeful, I tried to fill each bag with an item of use --all except the octopus, that is:

"You octupi my heart" (Realized later that for this pun I should've got more than one octopus...)
Oh and the sushi stickers in the centre photo? They say "you're the only fish in the sea for me" and, as it turns out, I get a Valentines Day date after all. Next week, we're having a sushi date! My favourite with my favourite person. So lucky. Happy Valentines to you and hope you spent it reminding someone just how much you love them.

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voyagevixen said...

I adore this. You could not possiy get any cuter and then you do! The octopi my heart was genius! Miss you guys!

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