New Work: Summer Vacation Winner Number Six

Yellow Bikini, 12"x12", oil on canvas

I thought I was done with my summer vacation series (I really should get to making those promised postcards as prizes!), but I couldn't resist this image submitted by my friend in Edmonton, Kyla. I assume it is her and her Mom in what is unmistakably, a prairie lake. I was drawn to the color palette of vintage 1970's photos that Hipstomatic and Instagram try to re-create these days. Don't adjust your monitor--it is orange and yellow on purpose! I was also really drawn to the subject matter as I find myself thinking of babies more now than ever before. I suppose that is what happens when you age? I hope that someday this might be one of my own memories... But for now, I adore Kyla's photo and hope she loves the painting that came out of it. 
(Might make a few adjustments, but I think it is pretty much done...)

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hendricks said...

Kate - to me you have captured the tenderness, energy and simple beauty of life with a toddler. Lovely.

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