DIY: Mini Greenhouse with Old Windows

Yay! Gardening season has arrived! I love gardening but it doesn't always love me. Mainly because I live in Zone 3 and I have two giant spruce in the backyard that both simultaneously block out sun and kill the soil with their acidic pine needles. But that doesn't stop me! Oh no! I am the queen of the container and, this year, the raised planter. Awesome because you have control and work with Mother Nature, finding the sunniest spots and using the best soil. And, even better, is I have two very handy men in my kingdom who actually enjoy building things. Many thanks to D and my Dad! This is what we (well, technically, they) made and you can do it too:

Dad made the frame of this beautiful planter out of cedar (natural and not chemically treated) . It is 6x3. This sunny spot on the deck was perfect for it, but D had to do a bit of retro-fitting...

Cute and happy, removing rotten and warped edging from the original box.

New cedar edging and we built up the open bottom with slats to allow for drainage. We decided to go with two levels to save on soil and also to allow for different types of veggies: root and surface.

We then covered the slats with landscape cloth so the soil wouldn't go right through.

Using cedar recycled from the edge-removal,  D made this angled frame to mount our old windows to.We decided to leave half of the planter bed exposed to allow for tall veggies like beans.

Sturdy, rust proof hinges are key.

The windows we got off of Kijiji for a song and, mounted on the angled frame, they provide the perfect greenhouse roof for one side of the planter.  Still deciding on a propping system, but a stick will do in a pinch.

More photos coming soon. We still want to scrape the old paint off the windows in case it is toxic and obviously fill with soil to do some planting. Stay tuned....

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Unknown said...

I love gardening too but here in the Okanagan we don't need a greenhouse - the whole deck is a greenhouse it is so hot! I am looking forward to my visit in Calgary to taste some of the morsels that will arrive out of this fabulous project. Thanks to D, Dad and Kate for creating a masterpiece that is eatable!!! Love you -AL

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