# Nuit Blanche YYC

 A bit of Google research tells me Nuit Blanche is a multi-city and international contemporary arts festival. I am so proud of this city I live in for making it happen here! Last year I wrote about the River of Light installation on the Bow rIver and how YYC is transcending it's reputation as just a "cowtown" full of oil and gas execs with money to blow. Truth be told, there are those types, but without them, I wouldn't have a job. Oil and gas companies are the main supporters of arts and culture in YYC and I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the enormous impact they have on my day-to-day life. Besides, whose to say you can't be both an oil and gas exec and an art lover? Being an artist in Calgary is not always easy, but our economy opens the door to great things if we are willing to reconcile ourselves with its source. 

And so Nuit Blanche was an incredible night that transformed a downtown park (one where most Calgarians would fear to tread at night) into a vibrant, excited community of awestruck wanderers. I got the impression that many people there were looking at contemporary art, or certainly performance art, for the first time. Congrats Nuit Blanche on a stand-out event. No wonder Calgary was declared Canada's cultural capital this year!

Oh yes, these photos are of D and I enjoying Caitlind Brown's Cloud. (And, yes, I really am that small)

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