ViewpointYYC: Kickstarter for Calgary

Remember the bullied bus driver? Or Caine's arcade? The internet is an amazing thing and crowd-source funding has gone viral. Websites like Kickstarter have made the dreams of ordinary, creative folks come true; putting donated funds directly into artists bank accounts. Now my city has started their own version that serves the arts community in Calgary and they invited me (!) to participate. How cool...

Stephen Avenue

Calgary Stampede

ViewpointYYC is my latest participatory series where Calgarians can submit their favourite places in Calgary and the stories behind them. Then I will create paintings of streets and views and places in Calgary--lots of them, I hope. I have plans to find a space to display the work as it gets made and get people to vote on the best view in Calgary etc... It is an ambitious project, I know, but thanks to InvestYYC (and you) it could happen! Please consider donating. The button on the right of the blog will get you there!

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