Finding the Small Things in India

"Be faithful in small things 
because it is in them that your strength lies." 
--Mother Teresa

Near the bridge on MG Road

I am sure when most people think of India, they think of images like this. To be sure there is  a lot of poverty here. Even in Pune, one of the wealthier cities with universities and colleges and the Iyengar institute to help it along. My travels throughout SE Asia have prepared me for this and I am grateful that I am not suffering the culture shock that so many do. 

Sam, a fellow yogi from Fernie, and I are sharing a room. We talk a lot about what it means to be a traveller here. Because if you can have a passport and buy a plane ticket, you are in the 1%, no matter how you are perceived at home. The vast majority of people here cannot imagine what it must be like to be us, just as we cannot imagine what it is like to be them. Yet if you look closely, joy and happiness is there, in the small things. 
Monkey family under the rain on the highway

Coconut water outside the Institute

The best electrolytes nature can provide!

This kind-hearted woman parks her car at the same spot every day and the stray dogs brave traffic to have fresh water and food. Every day! We emptied our pockets of all the rupees we had for her.

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Rob Walker said...

Wonderful photos Kate. So little changes! Enjoy the month!

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