Working Up an Appetite in India

A quick post from an open air hotel lobby where internet is spotty. India is totally inconsistent and we are paying extra for Wi-fi in our apartment but it doesn't work. Because of safety issues in India groups of us have to go to the internet cafe together, so I try to be fast so no one is waiting for me. These are a few photos taken on a day long walking and riding a rickshaw to get groceries. South Indian/ Maharashtran food is the norm (dosas, dahl, curd, curries) and it is delicious, but so heavy especially with all the dairy. So we have been going to grocery stores that carry some Western food and I have been using our simple apartment kitchen to make "Western" meals; mango salsa and refried beans using urud lentils and served in chappatis instead of tortillas! But we are happy for the break from curry and to eat veggies that are fresher. We use filtered water and veggie wash and so far have not been sick. I even found fresh figs! And when you buy from fruit wallas as lovely as this guy, why not? Meanwhile across the street....

This is the solution for garbage

I am very blessed to be studying with Stephanie Quirk in the medical classes. There are several others with scoliosis and a variety of problems. A 6 year old girl, Maria, from Brazil has a mild form of cerebral palsy or something close and they do incredible work with her. The yoga is very intense (take your breath away!), but the understanding of what I need is amazing. Sam and Cynthia get to assist which is just awesome and we all share notes after. I still also take some regular classes which are intense in a different way. We work hard here! Close to 5 hours of yoga a day.

Some sweet, but shy kids on the street near Laxmi Road--an area where Indians shop
and they don't often see foreigners

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