Baby's Busy Book

The frog with the zipper mouth was the first page done and she loves zippers so much, I had to give it to her right away
Happy to say I haven't abandoned my New Year's resolution yet and here we are in May and I am  (nearly) done my first project. In an attempt to use up scraps of fabric and miscellaneous notions in quantities too small to do anything substantial with, I have made Heidi a Busy Book (or I have heard them called a Quiet Book). Inspired by Pinterest and a similar book I had when I was little, I wanted something that we take could to restaurants and doctor's offices to keep H occupied, now that she is a curious toddler. I tried to include her favourite things (buttons, zippers, buckles, horses and kangaroos to name a few). I hand drew the patterns on tracing paper, first. The biggest problem to solve was the cover, which if I were too do it again, I would make stiffer. I challenged myself to only use what I had on hand, save for some felt donations from friends and colleagues.  I also wanted to make the book entirely hand washable. The binder rings make it easy to take the pages out. I learned that the sewing and materials have to be very robust. She was very excited and ripped off the bumblebee's wings on the first prototype! Still a work in progress--I am working on four more pages and want to add more mane to the lion--- but here are some pics to see where I am at so far.

Foam letters are a fun surprise inside

Laying out the pieces before sewing them on

Putting the baby Joey in the Kangaroo's pouch is good dexterity practice! 
When she is older she can braid the lion's mane (A great use of a half skein of orange and brown yarn!)

She really loves buttons and she is learning to match the yellow button to the yellow flower etc..

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